Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson, Perrigo, Pfizer and Teva)

There has been some attention on the price of medicine in this election cycle and that was not because it is on the top of the priorities of the Presidential Candidates (expect for ObamaCare), but rather due to outrage over the fact that Mylan was able to increase the price of its EpiPen multifold, even though it is considered a lifesaving drug.

This has led Clinton to say that such price hikes are unacceptable and that she would combat unreasonable high prices of medicine and would take on the big pharmaceutical companies. We could also see a downwards move due to this, but also because there was a general public as well as political outcry. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has received a lot of campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, so will this be wasted money on their part, or is it possible that with these contributions, there will be less policy and more talk on taking them on? In the end, it is hard to cut off the hand that feeds you.