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Daily Market Review – 6.12.2018

Markets down on unsigned China-US trade agreement, Huawei’s owner’s daughter held in Canada, Parliament to send May back to board, and OPEC meets in Vienna.

Daily Market View – 5.12.2018

World indexes down on post G-20 Blues, and Euro Parliament says UK can end Brexit at any moment – no questions asked.

Daily Market View – 4.12.2018

Labour wants May’s full disclosure, ISM-Markit discrepancy, and Australia maintains 1.5% rate.

Daily market Review – 3/12/2018

US & China reach tariff war understandings, markets react in dramatic greens, and Canada to cut oil supplies,

Daily Market Review – 29.11.2018

Carney says May’s deal better than one, German data weak, and US data plus Powell drive dollar down – DRASTICALLY !

Daily Market Review – 28.11.2018

Bitcoin double bottoms, Asian markets in recovery mode, and Powell to speak amidst rising USD

Daily Market Review – November 27,2018

China opens up to foreign financial firms, Rutte arns UK – no Plan B, US indexes in the green, and OPEC meeting begins.

Daily Market Review – November 22, 2018

OECD downgrades global growth, Oil down despite EIA withdrawal, and Spain threatens Brexit over Gibraltar

Daily Market Review – November 21, 2018

US: China continues stealing inellectual property, Italy agrees to downsize debt, and Bloomberg expecting more equities drama.

Weekly Market Report – 15.10.2018

Markets set to recover from sharp weekly losses sparked by rising bond yields.