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The United States’ trade deficit rose in October due to a decline in exports, a stronger dollar and an increase in domestic demand have limited the amount of exports. Exports slummed almost 2% while imports increased 1.3%. The trade gap soured 17.8% from the previous month.

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Why Are Equity Markets Ignoring Geopolitical Risks?

Why Are Equity Markets Ignoring Geopolitical Risks?

As the Trump reflation trade dwindles and the US president finds himself entangled in a flurry of controversy.

How do the non-farm payrolls affect your portfolio?

The United States Non-Farm Employment change or the non-farm payrolls is the change in the number of people employed during the previous month, not including the farming industry.

Oil: How OPEC Lost the War

Oil: How OPEC Lost the War

How OPEC Lost the War Science!! Back in November 2014, OPEC ministers huddled in Vienna to discuss the dramatic fall in oil prices. Oil prices had plunged to their lowest point in four years. For decades, the cartel would suppress production sending oil prices higher, this time, however, was different. OPEC’s usual price manipulation schemes…

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