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Basics of Trading Free
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Basics of Trading

November 16, 2018 / No Comments

Description Now that we have learned the basic terminology and discovered what tools are at our disposal, it is time to put all that to work. We will learn the basics of how to open and close orders, plus the fundamentals of risk management. We will stress the importance of using market orders, monitoring our…

Trading Safely Free
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Trading Safely

November 15, 2018 / No Comments

Description The only way to profit from financial trading is by ensuring you don’t lose your entire deposit at the outset. We will explore some techniques and habits you should adopt to get the maximum benefit from your investment. We will learn about margin, equity, leverage and balance, and how these should be constantly monitored…

Advanced Trading Free
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Advanced Trading

November 10, 2018 / No Comments

Description It’s time to take our trading seriously – doing homework, studying the markets and analyzing them, and learning to trade like the pros – carefully!! In Advanced Trading, we will discover the importance of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as the difference between the two and where they complement each other. We will…

Fundamental Analysis Free
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Fundamental Analysis

November 9, 2018 / No Comments

Description Fundamental analysis deals with the intrinsic value of an asset. In shares – the corporate makeup of a company, the market for its products and its situation within that market, in forex – a country’s economy and the news and announcements that surround it. In this course, we learn all about those economic announcements…

Introduction to Technical Analysis Free
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Introduction to Technical Analysis

November 8, 2018 / No Comments

Description The market reflects all the information that comes before it. Can we really ignore the fundamentals and leave it up to the charts. In this course, we will learn to read the charts and discover why this actually works.  We will learn about the indicators developed by mathematicians and statisticians in order to derive…


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