Pivot Calculator

How to use the Pivot Calculator

Use the Pivot Calculator to determine support and resistance levels for a future period (days, minutes…), based on the high, low and closing prices of the previous period. These will help you set market orders to enter (pending orders) and exit (stop-loss and take-profit orders) points for your next position.

Fibonacci Calculator

How to use Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci retacements use the Fibonacci sequence to predict trend reversals. Select a time period’s support and resistance levels and let the calculator compute the retracement points within that spectrum.

Deal Size Calculator

How to use the Deal Size Calculator

To prevent over-exposure, enter your account balance and how much of it you are willing to risk. Determine your stop loss (using Fibonacci and/or pivot points), and let the calculator translate your risk ratio into dollars and cents, telling you how much money to invest in the position.

Pip Calculator

How to use the Pip Caclulator

To discover how much a position will actually cost in terms of your account balance, enter the lot size, the instrument you desire to trade and you account currency. Then, let the calculator do its job.

Options Calculator

How to use the Options Pricing Calculator

To calculate the price of an option, select an instrument, let the calculator know whether you are basing the calculation on the base or counter currency of the pair, and select an expiry period. The calculator will calculate the price and volatility ofr the deal – whether you decide to go long or short on the option.