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Ian Fallon – Chief Market Analyst

Ian Fallon joined AvaTrade in 2012 as the Head of Client Retention for their Irish market. Over the years, he has advanced within the company where he has been influential in areas such as, project management, marketing and education.

Ian’s most recent project, after identifying that lack of education was a huge barrier to successful trading, was building AvaTrade’s new SharpTrader education portal. Ian is now the driving force behind this new side to the business and new approach to client advancement. Ian’s understanding of client requirements and expectation is exceptional. His comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the financial markets, coupled with uncomplicated teaching methods have helped clients to build and maintain healthy, profitable trading portfolios.

Prior to joining AvaTrade, Ian began his financial career in mortgages and he quickly evolved within the industry with a variety of roles in pensions, investments and subprime lending.

Sharp Trader - 教学

相应的培训对交易者了解如何从金融市场中获利来说非常关键。Sharp Trader 的教学门户便捷、实用,专为交易者获取这样的知识而开发。Sharp Trader 的教学内容分为两个部分 – 交易入门教学视频



在使用 Sharp Trader 网站的过程中,您也可随时离开,之后,可利用我们全新的进度条功能从您离开之处继续您的学习,不会有任何遗漏之处。


Sharp Trader 致力于满足我们的会员的需求。Sharp Trader 提供的未来走向和内容将由我们的会员专享。Sharp Trader 的目标是为交易者提供先进的交易教学。我们期待聆听您的观点和建议,并努力为您提供所需的支持和资源,以协助您的交易获得成功。