Market Update – 02-03-2017

Recent comments from several FED officials have lifted the chance for a March rate hike, which has risen to nearly 70%, have strengthened the USD. As a result, we are seeing a renewed attempt to break below the 1.05 level. Some weaker US data yesterday caused some upside, but this proved to be short-lived as inflation data indicates a still rising inflation. In addition, the speech of President Trump before Congress on Tuesday was able to lift the USD,

Market Update – 16-02-2017

EUR/USD – broke out of the wedge after it appeared to breaking below it. However, it remains to be seen how much upside there is for the EUR as there are quite a few obstacles preventing a sustained strengthening of the EUR, also shown in the weak growth we saw in the German data. After the Dutch and French elections, it could be that some anxiety will disappear. However, we also have the Greek crisis which will get its next chapter in the next few days.